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To stay ahead in the ever-changing world of customer preference, it’s important to know what your customers want and need.

The way consumers consume media has evolved considerably in the last decade, according to Deloitte, posing both difficulties and possibilities for the business. Millennials today spend more time streaming content than watching it on television, and more than 20% of them watch videos on their mobile devices on a regular basis. Streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix continue to grow in popularity, with over 60% of customers subscribing to them. By 2021, there will be 209 million users of video-on-demand services, up from 181 million in 2015.

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Jay Burgess

Jay Burgess

I use data to help people and companies make better decisions. I also like writing about leadership. #BusinessIntelligence #ecommerce #datascientist #ai #sales