Increase Your Online Business by Hiring a Data Scientist — Ecommerce Analytics

  • Loyalty of the customer
  • Leaving items in a shopping cart unattended
  • The rates of conversion
  • Bringing in the ideal kind of purchaser
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  • Things that put a damper on sales
  • Customer actions that contribute to the creation and provision of better goods
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  • Poor sales numbers of a given product or numerous ones
  • Products with high margins and the highest sales volumes
  • Reviews
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  • Identify improved ICP targeting
  • Examine the movement of the average order value (AOV) and the customer acquisition cost (CAC) over a certain amount of time.
  • Determine which of your items are being purchased by your most valued clients.
  • Determine the degree of satisfaction experienced by customers.
  • With the assistance of an e-commerce analytics tool, put in place a procedure to monitor how effective each marketing channel is doing its job.
  • Continue to iterate on your business plan (such as changing the content and copy of ads, dropping marketing channels that are not working, etc)



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Jay Burgess

Jay Burgess

I use data to help people and companies make better decisions. I also like writing about leadership. #BusinessIntelligence #ecommerce #datascientist #ai #sales